7 tips for mounting a PC

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Plan a little before embarking


Before rushing headlong into the handling of components, better think a little.

You will have very little freedom in installation, each part being made to fit together precisely in a certain way, but you can usually choose:

– The location of the graphics card: you generally get more slots available on the motherboard, to see which you will be preferred depending on the size of your graphics card, the size of your box, and other components close (usually cooler, hard drive, and any other card girl). Note however that these are all the same (some PCI Express 2.0 16X actually run 8X, 4X or even 2X).

– The location of the hard drive to see depending on the graphics card, the number of slots available, and the breakdown of your case (especially the air intake at the front) .

– Optionally other components of the location (optical readers and other)

– The location of the case fans if they are not already included in it and if you have a choice.

– Optionally the mounting direction of the fan if the cooler is arranged on a side.

– Traffic areas cables: one finds herself overwhelmed by their number, it is often smart to try to place them as cleanly as possible, see them go under the motherboard.

Many of these points will eventually be conditioned to think two things: the esthetic of your final assembly, and especially the quality of the air flow inside the case. But I come back later.

Test before installing any equipment in the housing

mounting computer

This is stupid, and yet … excited by mounting his machine was quick to be tempted to go after installation, including fixing the motherboard into the case, the cable routing, and all the connections, before launching his first machine.

So you can imagine the time wasted if one of your components were to not work properly. Not to mention the simple fact that it is more complicated to check the wiring and connections of each piece once all fixed in the housing.

So as not to take a risk and try a first start with just motherboard, CPU / cooler, RAM, graphics card and monitor. If you can access without regard to the BIOS, so it must be good.

To go further you could also connect a hard drive and install everything on an operating system, but this is not essential at this stage.

Do not overdo the thermal paste

pc thermal paste

The thermal paste is essential to ensure good heat transfer between the CPU and the heatsink, so I hope you thought to buy with your components.

Installing the processor is a detail of the assembly that should not worry you more than that, however, this small square representing in itself a significant part of the value of the machine is often a time a little formal.

On the application of thermal paste, several schools of thought, the key thing to remember is do not put too much thinking it will be more effective.

A simple small nut in the center, or a small bead is usually sufficient, the pressure between the two components suffice to spread properly.

I remember having already spent time spread with a phone card over the entire surface of the CPU is actually useless because it is above the center of the CPU is concerned.

So no brainer, and we do not put too much.

Beware of handling hard drives

handling hard drives

Obviously, this piece is very fragile, so care should be taken not to give her shock when handling.

But hard drives running based on magnetic fields for recording data, better also avoid subjecting them to too much disruption. One of his enemies is static electricity that we have in the body, it is fortunately quite easy to unload by touching a metal device (I’m big fan of radiator, some only the case of PC).

Besides plastic packaging containing the new hard disk is supposed protected during transport, better to go out at the last moment just before installation.

Nothing to be paranoid, just a little cautious.

Provide good air circulation

good air circulation

Here is the secret to keeping a silent PC components and healthy.

You will of course taken care beforehand to choose a well equipped fan housing, or better to buy separately, and a cooler worthy of the name (nb: cooler “stock” sold with the processors are usually more than means).

It will then reflect on their locations, and ensuring them in the right direction (a small arrow on the edge indicates the principle of air flow).

I will not go into detail, but in broad terms it is quite simple: it is best to bring in fresh air down the front (so to hard disks), the air will warm to inside and thus climb up the limping, and you can pull it up at the back. Everything will depend after your specific configuration.

And it is important that the airflow meets the fewest obstacles in his path, so take good care of storing your cables, fix the limping as much as possible, see to getting up in the map mother.

The boxes of good quality usually involves a lot of fixtures and openings for passing the cables properly, it is a significant criterion of choice.

Forget installation CD

installation CD

Nice manufacturers usually provide their material beautiful installation CD to obtain without even trying drivers and other useful software.

However, between the time the CD was recorded and when you go to install your equipment, it may have been some time, and with him a multitude of updated drivers and software making your CD already obsolete.

Better in most cases get the latest drivers directly from the manufacturer’s website. In any case I’ll recommend it.

Carefully keep the boxes, bags, manuals and spare parts

pc spare parts

I know you, you will be so excited to finally see your new work machine you safe while swinging loose in a cardboard risks, and throw what seems useless at the moment without thinking too much (yeah, it must be thinking to release the coffee table you squats for 1/2 day).

Hell and damnation, the day you have the slightest concern, you will be very annoyed to find the right cable, the good live, you lose time searching the record, not to mention a hassle if you have to make a return to service.

My advice: use up all plastic bags to keep the original spare parts, meeting most clearly identified in one of the boxes (I like the motherboard), and stores in a small box large (of the box should do the trick for example). Finally, as you desire, the key is that you will find yourself easily.

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