ARM Geometrics purchase to boost mobile gaming

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ARM is the company responsible for the development of chips that give life to our beloved smartphones. Have recently been made with Geometrics house based on the development of technologies to improve the graphics of video games, in order to improve the performance of these mobile platforms.


Currently ARM, the British company responsible for designing the architecture chips with the same name, has had no better time in history than the present. Since the boom of smartphones , supported by the tablets, the house has seen its designs are devouring the market at a stunning speed.

However, even ARM are some things that are being outstanding. And is that while no one can deny that they are the absolute owners of the market for processors for mobile devices, in this same category things are not going so well with graphics. Instead, houses and PowerVR have wide advantage in playing a dedicated mobile GPUs, and the rest of the competition has been costing you quite match things.

Not everything is the Hardware

But not everything is in the numbers and the Hardware. NVIDIA has shown for quite some time despite its difficulty to match the graphics performance of its main rivals in the mobile platform, a good implementation of Software can be everything. Thus we have seen that Tegra Zone is full of games with graphics quality significantly higher than the same games designed for smartphones based on chips from the competition with more powerful GPUs.


People seem to ARM has taken note of the brilliant strategy followed by NVIDIA, and on that basis decided to go shopping , finding Geometrics , specializes in creating business -based software technologies designed for tremendously improve the graphics of video games . Testament the good work of Geometrics are the latest installments of Battlefield , Need For Speed ​​and Medal of Honor .

This acquisition of the house in charge of designing the Mali GPU , surely bring very positive to the world of devices based on ARM processors implications. And quiet, if you fear losing your favorite game graphics quality for this business transaction, the British say keep selling services to developers houses Geometrics game, as Electronic Arts.

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