How to save cell battery, some tips for Samsung

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Samsung shares six tips to give you more battery cell.


The battery life of mobile devices is one of the most commented factors by today’s consumers. And no wonder: modern life is moving around them. Thus, during most of the day, an average consumer is connected surfing the net, receiving and sending messages, checking their social networks, sharing information or creating from your Smartphone or Tablet .

While the battery depends heavily on content consumption activities that are performed, Samsung, for example, has ensured that its latest handsets provide better options in this regard. Thus your GALAXY Note 3 includes a more powerful and longer lasting (3200 mAh) battery. On average, a connection with the GALAXY Gear consume only less than 5% of the total battery life of GALAXY Note3 , like any other Bluetooth device consumes little battery in your master device. Note that the GALAXY Gear battery can last more than 24 hours, if the user uses only essential applications like clock, camera, S Voice, calls and notifications.

Tips to save battery cell

Save your phone battery is possible. To achieve this Samsung offers some advice:

1. Access Diagnostic Tool Battery. This manager allows viewing habits of using the device and determine which functions consume more. To configure it, from the Home screen menu is accessed, Setup and Battery. Thus the status of the battery appears, showing, among other useful information, the percentage of load at that time, which of all activities are consuming more, offering the opportunity to adjust the configuration of any function as well as a graph indicates details about the battery usage and load times.


Two. Depending on how the device is used, you can select applications to turn off and save power.

Three. From the home screen you can select Menu, Settings and finally “power saving mode”. Very functional access the section that indicates the brightness to decrease the brightness of the screen and conserve battery power.

April. From the Home screen select Menu, Settings and Display. Go to ‘Timeout “to adjust the time the screen stays on while idle. A little time will help you conserve energy in your device.

May. Removes any “widget” you do not use and energy consuming either for calendar synchronization animations tied to him.

6. Select the “Safe Mode”, which allows the device to boot without third-party applications installed, resulting in energy savings.

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