How to transform your smartphone into a retro console

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The guide to the nostalgic and the curious were expecting: how to transform your smartphone into a retro console and relive old jewelry in the world of video games.


Proposals game on smartphones are becoming popular again. Not only leverage the growing power of these devices, allowing them to form more realistic environments and process more complex algorithms, but can see related innovation create new categories of gaming using touch screens, accelerometers, GPS, Internet or social functions .

However, there are some gems of gaming that is incredibly enjoyable to play regardless of medium. Old video games that conviertieron part of our childhood. Great creations ended inspiring products for all generations of consoles. Fortunately there is a way to enjoy them from the smartphone. The following guide will explain how to transform your smartphone into a retro console to do so.

Android Emulators for consoles


In this list you will find various alternatives to emulate old consoles on your Android device. There are free options with ads, and pay for, free of these.

Are there options for iOS?


Users of iOS devices (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad) should make jailbreak to install emulators because the regulations imposed by Apple on the App Store are not allowed to officially available. In the app store Cydia, the jailbreak for iOS most popular alternatives can be found. It is impossible to link to them as it does not have a web version, but the name will help you to find them.

  • NES : NES, nes4iphone.
  • SNES : SNES9X.
  • Sega Genesis : genesis4iPhone, Genesis AD
  • GameBoy Color : GBC.emu.
  • GameBoy Advance : GBA4iOS, GBA.
  • Playstation : psx4all.

Where do I get the games?

With the emulator installed you need now are the ROMs , ie digital versions of the games. There are sites like Doperoms , CoolROM or EmuParadise are large libraries of these files. Another way to get them is through P2P networks such as BitTorrent, using trackers such as The Pirate Bay to search. Video games digitized these old consoles take up little storage so perhaps what suits you is to download one of the many available collections of thousands of games, you are sure to bring in your device.

Once downloaded the ROM that is left is to transfer the smartphone. Then to start playing we just start the emulator and select the ROM between our folders and files.

Using controls for playing

There is the possibility of using external hardware controls most of these emulators, which solves the inconvenience of using the integrated touch screen. Support varies emulator emulator, depending on platform and version of the operating system, but most share the compatibility with certain models.

You can use the motion control of the Wii (obviously horizontally, not taking its role detect movement) and theWii Classic Controller , the alternative developed by Nintendo for use with Gamecube backward or enjoy old classics of the brand purchased Store your digital more comfortable.

Another option controls are specifically developed for smartphones. iControlPad and sexy iCADE (arcade-like console) are some of the products available.

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