Is it worth installing the Jailbreak in iOS 7?

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Now that you are available, we wonder if Unofficial worth installing iOS Jailbreak 7, if we consider the questions of the users and the security issues involved.


Waiting for a good number of users is over and Jailbreak iOS 7 is already a reality, although in recent months the interest of many owners of an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to implement this type of installation has been falling. You are now fully available for all devices with iOS 7 , but does it really worth installing the Jailbreak in iOS 7 is either an unwise choice?

Clearly one of the great reasons to Jailbreak devices with versions prior to iOS System 7 was the ability to provide the system with features that were not available from the factory , such as SB Settings, or for any lack of supply operating, at least for most users the system itself. But with the arrival of iOS 7 and many of its new features, some of these basics have been ruined at the time that Apple has given the new version of the mobile operating system shortfalls that suffered the previous versions.

iOS 7: scene of our devices

This does not mean that the act of installing the jailbreak has completely lost its meaning, since although iOS 7 has given users many features that were previously only available in the scene , as the preview of applications in multitasking, updates in the background of the same, or shortcuts to some system configurations, remain very limited as to what users, so that from the point of view of the most advanced, the jailbreak is still an almost mandatory tool .

With the new features of iOS Jailbreak 7 has lost part of its purpose, however, in this context, can broadly be said that if we ignore this type of advanced users, who are the least in numbers, the fact is that the Jailbreak has completely lost its meaning with iOS 7, at least for the average user and ignoring of course the ability to install applications from the App Store without checking out. Not only has it lost its meaning, but that Apple has implemented many of the tweaks available by Jailbreak and is fully integrated into the system, as he usually does.

To the question, is it worth Jailbreak iOS 7 to our device? there is no conclusive answer, since any potential response requires a number of considerations about the virtues the jailbreak or not but we can not tip the balance of the year if we make a comparison of the pros and cons.

Liberty vs. Security, the eternal dilemma

With pre-existing versions, perform the Jailbreak iPhone or iPad brought with it a number of advantages that could partly meet the disadvantages implicit in the operation: user control with security, freedom of installation against system stability .. . The problem is that with the new version of the operating system outweigh the disadvantages because, in exchange for a series of improvements to our devices, Apple has already introduced, albeit reduced, apparently favoring our productivity when work with it, significantly undermine both stability as one of the most important and most overlooked aspects of security.

Now the debate is about the security of our data for the simple reason that the implied improvement perform the jailbreak are not as many as a few years ago and, along with the doubts of many users on the opacity of the installation and possible inclusion of malware in the latest version of the Jailbreak, it a totally inadvisable task.


At the moment we have to ask if install on our device will lead to a decrease in the safety of our data, we should not think about it, and if we are less advanced users.

Again, the security of our data in question with JailbreakThis opens the eternal debate about whether a user owns one hundred percent of your device either has to be at the expense of the manufacturer to incorporate the new features or functionality when deemed appropriate. In this sense, Apple iOS hand has always maintained a tight grip on what can or can not be installed by the user’s device , setting two very different fronts, however, if you need Give you Jailbreak your device, maybe you have the wrong operating system .

So if we look at the pros and cons the answer is clear: it’s not worth making the Jailbreak iOS least 7 and the new features of the system that were the excuse of many users to apply. Indeed I dare to bet that with every new version of Apple’s mobile operating system will be less necessary and the security of our data is not no in between that. At least not as noticeable.

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