It is possible to make a Raspberry Pi using SmartTV

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Raspberry Pi returns to do his thing, this time becoming the heart made by a smart TV Hardware Daredevil who has risked the life of your flat screen with the goal to make it a little smarter.


It seems that the result of curiosities Raspberry Pi are endless. already here they have shown some other cool application that can be given to this fantastic piece of financial technology designed to mess with it, but occasionally surprises us how serious can get some with weekend projects where Pi is the cornerstone.

If we talked about someone has managed to turn your TV into a Smart silly TV using the Pi surely will think that there is little amazing to load an SD with XBMC on the device and connect it to the HDMI port as usual. In fact, with the stick Android becoming more popular every day, talking about all this sounds to stream. But if we say that someone has decided to disassemble your TV and recessed one Raspberry Pi connecting it directly to the board, and even add a couple of ports, then maybe if you have something to praise.

Daredevil to do what has been said Carnivore , a user of the forums DroidBuild , I wanted to go a little further, and make your TV was a real smart with all law TV. To do this, open the device in question, and made ​​all necessary directly to the plate of the TV connections, so that the gadget Raspberry could feed and send video to the TV without having to go through an HDMI port or be connected to a charger .


But Carnivore has seemed that smart TV that is worthy of the name must have at least a couple of USB ports and one Ethernet to connect to the wired network, so that also made ​​a Bay ports on the TV, which is generally Fits pretty well.

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