LINE missed his big chance

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A few months ago the debate LINE vs WhatsApp second before the crisis arose. After a good start, and seeming to come to stay, LINE has lost his chance to replace him. Its applications are slow and saturated extra features.


In November 2012, he suffered his umpteenth WhatsApp fall and left millions of users around the world unable to communicate through it. It was then, and not before, when an alternative that many began using hard arose: LINE . An instant messaging application that already had time to market and had not yet managed to take off (except in Japan, where 2D stickers and doodles superimposed on photographs national sport). The thing with WhatsApp had gone too far, and that meant the icing fall for many we started to look for alternatives .

LINE started well, then we discover their short comings That was in November. In March, controversy erupted when many Android WhatsApp users who had lived happily without paying a penny for it for years, began to see how your favorite pet is reconverted into Scrooge McDuck. No money, no WhatsApp. And that included adolescents who saw an aberration pay for what they had been free (oh, the management of expectations ) and those complex in the 2013 people who are still afraid to make purchases online or give the number of your credit card internet. Because in the end, the few reasons to not pay for WhatsApp are other reasons to do it, really.LINE advantageously positioned quickly . Being completely free, except for we became addicted to buying stickers, damn-Doraemon was the push he gave the general public to change. Having a desktop client for chat from the computer was also the push that gave us the geeks who spend time in front of him.


LINE had a golden opportunity . The world falls WhatsApp, disenchantment of many users who did not see fit to pay 1 dollar for a yearly application which revolutionized the way we communicate, offer a desktop client that made ​​it much more comfortable than WhatsApp … And unabashed interface, full of stickers everywhere, as opposed to static interface WhatsApp. It was new, change. We liked it. But as with Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez, which seemed an everlasting love ended earlier than expected.

Soon we begin to discover defects LINE. messages load was unbearable, his management of notifications, painful, synchronization between phone and PC gave headaches . At first was fine because there was a great track to load, but once we had a few messages and stored groups slowed loading the new, the experience was on the brink of ruin. That happened, and as prodigal sons returned to WhatsApp, at least to recover the simplicity. LINE fled from it, overloaded their applications with all kinds of options. And if malfunctioning …Best back to this. LINE lost his chance . WhatsApp criticized the static, and the only changes that were introduced in months color themes and more and more stickers, but nothing related to the operation and optimization of applications.

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