No, do not buy an iPhone 5c

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Comes time to think about Christmas shopping and one more will come up the idea of buying an iPhone 5c . Wait! Before doing so read the following post and see if it is a good idea.


Let’s do a simple exercise in imagination. Christmas is coming and many of us will have to think about what to give to our loved ones. Being an Apple user, you may pass me by giving head to a relative a new iPhone 5c . Stop! Do not.Wait a minute, read this post and after a few moments to meditate, ask yourself this decision again. Is it worth buying an iPhone 5c?

Many of us were surprised when in September of this year Tim Cook introduced the “new” iPhone 5c. Okay, practically knew what would be its characteristics, color covers and even packaging from the numerous leaks from factories in China. But anyone could imagine that its free price out of 599 euros / dollars? Carlos Rebato As explained in his post about the low cost iPhone : “(…) is not the same one that a cheaper iPhone cheap iPhone”. He created us expectations from rumors took a bad turn but after a few months these have been dispelled and only get the facts.


At the moment for 599 euros / dollars can have the cheaper version of the iPhone by 5c while only 100 euros / dollars more , we can purchase iPhone 5s . It seems logical that if you decide to invest this amount will have the best high-end smartphone market, with some new features to be implemented in the next generation of Apple products like Touch ID and 64bit architecture. Also as we have seen over the past iOS updates gradually older iPhone devices category no longer supported. Therefore, 100 euros / dollars more will mean better features, longer life and ultimately a better device . As if that were not enough we iPhone 5 iPhone 5s and more intelligent alternatives to the iPhone 5caway from the polycarbonate shell iPhone 5c that leaves much to be desired when compared to the aluminum frame of the iPhone 5s.

And it is talking about the aluminum and polycarbonate figure emerges when iPhone 5 . That device was a misunderstood renewal iPhone range and has only lasted a year between us. Apple has discontinued the iPhone 5, you no longer manufactured although still supported if have warranty or Apple Care. But why eliminate this phone was only a year old? The commitment polycarbonate looks to long and from now we will have two smartphone with every release of new iPhone. Nevertheless on Amazon or Ebay even we can find iPhone 5 free at a great price , equal to or even lower than that of iPhone 5c, considering that this is a device with almost the same features but a thinner and durable design aluminum.

This Christmas before starting to buy gifts or just if you decide to renew mobile terminal, consider these options before purchasing an iPhone 5c. Both iPhone 5s as iPhone 5 are two options much more attractive and intelligent.

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