No PlayStation 4 is not cheaper than Xbox One

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  • PlayStation 4 starts at 399.99 euros a packet with Incomplete Pass to play from day one.
  • Microsoft has strived to offer Xbox One for 499.99 euros but with a range of accessories and complete game.


Today is a very important for the world day of consoles,PlayStation 4 today reaches many European and Latin American markets. And beyond the technical specifications battles , the future of each console as queens of the halls of our homes or the breadth of its catalog of games, there is another open war, the battle for the price of PlayStation 4 and its comparison with respect One to Xbox

In ALT1040 we have analyzed the components used for each console to see if, as with previous generations, manufacturers lose much or little money . And the question we opened another question: what is the most interesting console from the economic point of view? For this we will analyze the different options PlayStation 4 and Xbox One .

What does PlayStation 4 for $ 399 / euros?


Package Launch PlayStation 4 is pretty empty . For $ 399 / EUR Sony we delighted with the console and the 500GB hard drive, the power cable to the mains, a Wireless Controller Dual Shock 4 , aheadset , USB cable to charge the controller and HDMI cable.Enough to play the first day.

The basic package does not include any games , so if you want to play the PlayStation 4 when we acquire as we buy the little one. To this end, Sony has releasing a pack which includes the game Killzone Shadow Fall by $ 449.99 / USD.

In other words, the price of PlayStation 4 is, at best, 449 U.S. dollars or euros.

Xbox One: $ 499.99 / euros for a more complete package


Unlike the initial package of PlayStation 4 , that of Xbox One includes everything you need to play, no surprises. For 499.99 dollars or euros, Microsoft includes the console, the Kinect sensor, headset , digital version of Call of Duty Ghosts and additional material for the game, controller, and HDMI and power cables.

Xbox One wants to become the multimedia center of your living room

It may seem that Xbox One is more expensive than PlayStation 4 , but not if we equate Equipment both models have a little surprise.The camera for the PS4 cost $ 59.99 / USD which would leave the set of Sony in $ 509.98 / EUR 9,99 more expensive than Microsoft’s offer for its Xbox One .

Two points of view to the end, the same result. , please you spend $ 500 or euros to buy a One Xbox or PlayStation 4 and power play time, otherwise you’ll have a mediacenter , a nice device or even a hole in your cabinet full of television, but little else.

While it is true that the camera is not mandatory for PS4 to play itself will limit the experience pretty, but it is true that the price of PlayStation 4 is less than the Xbox One , in fact, the opposite is true. Although as there is always a but, Sony could get in Europe a pack of PS4 would include Killzone: Shadow Fall , the camera and two PlayStation DualShock 4 for a price of 499.99 euros , which represents a good saving on Xbox One , which only includes a knob.

You see, nothing is decided, there is a cheaper console because the differences are minimal . The important role it will have the packs and that Sony can take the lead by offering more for the same price.Although probably take advantage of extra features such as remote game featuring PS Vita to PS4.

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