Programs to optimize your Windows PC

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The best software options to optimize the performance of your computer with Windows operating system.


Many times we find that the hardware does not reach the performance we expect from him. The software has a direct bearing on the performance of the hardware, so it is important to know the programs to optimize the PC world to keep our operating system loaded with unnecessary operations our team, or cause poorer performance due to fragmentation disk, for example.

These are the programs to optimize PC that Windows users can install:

System Mechanic


This software can increase the speed of your computer repair problems, perform cleaning and eliminate potential security holes. It includes options to improve the speed on Windows, to manage more efficiently RAM, improve time to writing files, among other features. Mechanic System costs $ 40 but there is a free version with several limitations.



360Amigo is software that allows you to delete unnecessary files that your operating system has stopped, the ignition timing optimizes Windows and protects your safety stopping malicious processes that can get to run. 360Amigo is a free software for Windows, but there is an alternative to specialized support and more options for sale for $ 20.



From Piriform, the company also responsible for developing the software maintenance CCleaner , bring us Defraggler program that optimizes your PC performance by defragmenting your hard disk. Be a HDD or an SSD, it is necessary to frequently defragment our storage. Defraggler is both complete choice as to make light. It is free with paid version specialized to a $ 25 price bracket.



Soluto is a proposal to streamline the tasks of system maintenance manager of a company, but an average user can use the free version perfectly for improving the performance of your computer. Soluto analyzes your computer and indicates, among other variables, many applications start with the ignition, what services are not needed offering ways to make lighter and improve your Windows time.



JetBoost is a lightweight tool that promises to improve Windows performance with the features offered. With JetBoost you can activate the “gamer mode” that will eliminate processes that affect the performance of your GPU, or “Focus on Work” mode that removes unnecessary applications and to focus on a particular program processes. With a single click provides the ability to terminate all unnecessary system processes.It is a freeware.

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