PS4 or Xbox One For me it will be PC

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At ultra-profile exits game consoles PS4 and Xbox One, where most gamers from around the world compete for membership in one camp or the other, I wanted to share mine you long : the good old desktop PC.

This topic could fill a whole evening of heated discussions, but it is not a call to troll (whatever … devil) the goal is just to take on what makes that right now, even if it is true that I play a lot less than before, I still reserve this activity to my dear computer (and my Android tablet, but that’s another story). And I’m sure I’m not the only one.

Here in any case that comes to mind at the moment.

The keyboard combo – mouse

keyboard combo - mouse

We may say, but there is still no better than using a keyboard and mouse for some type of game, I think in particular of shooters and RTS ( real time strategy )

In contrast, the use of a game pad bring extra comfort very valuable for other playing styles, such as simulations of racing, football, action games …

But of course … it is quite possible, and simple to connect a game pad on a PC. Conventional game pad two major consoles are also quite suitable for a computer. I myself have a joystick Xbox to my PC (well, I, I’m not fucking get his hands on. If anyone sees it, thank you for the report. Considered Award).

Potential graphics performance

Potential graphics performance

No secret: the capabilities of game consoles are limited compared with those computers.

Of course, this means having a strong to be able to run Crysis 3 full resolution with a sufficient level of detail computer. And do not end up with an infamous porridge pixels not to play in good conditions ( “this is an enemy out there in the distance? Oh no, a tree …” )

Reserved for gamers with deep pockets luxury? I do not think it returns necessarily more expensive in the long run, I’ll just come back later.

Ability to upgrade and improve equipment

improve equipment

If you are willing to poor PC, the graphical comparison with last console generation is not necessarily in your favor, we agree.

But you will have the opportunity to improve your equipment when you see fit in small or larger keys so, while the lifespan of a console is only a few years.

Then comes the question of the overall cost of updating a PC compared to the regular purchase of a new console.

It is quite difficult to answer in absolute terms.

For a console, eg start on buying the latest model at € 400-500 every 6-7 years.

For a PC, we can assume that you have already need a machine for use “common” (office, multimedia, Internet …). Let € 600 with a ladle for a solid machine.To mount a PC to play without problems, let a configuration around € 1,000, an additional cost of € 400. Some rooms have a very long life (housing, hard drives, optical drive …), others will be renewed regularly. I will not get into calculations impossible, but you will understand quickly with the budget above the consoles, there is what add RAM when the need arises, change the graphics card, then longer-maturity change the torque motherboard – processor, see take a faster hard drive.

I think ultimately that prices must argue long term.

Not to mention that the price of games are generally lower than on PC, with some deals like Steam sales.



So that, we must admit that this is a HUGE interest for some PC games. The mod is a modification to the game to add some options, see the complete transformation.

What a joy to (re) play GTA IV with streets filled with super cars, new clothes and weapons to Niko Bellic, and his favorite music, which diffuses into the car radio of the car!

This can go much further with new maps or even a whole new scenario. The imagination is limitless modders, to the delight of PC gamers.

That for me, it must be said that there is another argument that is especially me … I love my computer tinkering. cheeky

Lovers game console may have strong arguments to defend their investments … they are sure to expose in comments.

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