Sony Xperia Z3 Compact

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If anyone thought that the Z1 Compact was a rarity and there was no room for the high-end Android smartphones around four inches, here’s Sony to undeceive him with Z3 Compact .
The renovation has been higher than in the range of “big screen” and at first glance it is clear: in less size (cut in both length and width and thickness) Sony has managed to grow until the screen 4.6 inches . This makes the Z3 Compact fight not in the segment of “four-inch smartphones” but “new small” compared to those who are placed in 5.2 or 5.5 inches.
In design we could refer to what was stated in the first impressions of the Z3, his older brother, except that the side is a polycarbonate that causes a curious acquisition : when it appears convex concave. Just to emphasize that the range of colors we liked less than Z1 Compact, which glowed lime green more than it does the minty green Z3 Compact.


Display and an expected long-range

On the screen it should be noted that they have decided to stay in 720p, a decision that seemed clear to the size of the Z1 but now, with these 4.6 inch seems a bit risky when positioning in the high range. Our first impression is that looks great , failing to check if it will exceed its pending with maximum sun exposure.

Another variable to observe the growth of the screen is that something is difficult to use with one hand, at least if you have small hands. It is true that the engineering work is notable for the same space gain those inches for the screen, but this Sony has decided to put the Compact in the league is expected very competitive in this year end: the new iPhone and Samsung Galaxy Alpha .

In the full analysis we hope to bring you very soon, we will further examine the major subjects of this Z3 Compact , which will undoubtedly autonomy – with improved intake screen, keeping it in 720p and battery to increase until 2600 mAh is presumed good – the camera and these new modes, full light performance and the integration with the PS4 that both promises.

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