The blue screen of death affecting more and more iPhone 5s

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The blue screen of death , a typical mistake in old PCs, it seems to be affecting a growing number of iPhone 5s phones. Complaints about this ruling have been growing since last September and it looks like a problem with iWork and edit documents.


Many complaints say the error blue screen of death on iPhone 5s is not an isolated problem. Sufferers complain of official Apple forums that their phones are hung and reset without warning while using your device. The problem seems to be exclusive to the new iPhone 5s and although similar failures have been detected in the past does not seem to be related to this error. For its part, Apple has not said anything about it so do not know if they are working to fix it. The following video shows the error caught by a user.

What does seem clear is that the iOS 7.0.2 update does not fix the blue screen of death on iPhone 5s. Although some errors as solved the security problem of the lock screen, the patch notes say nothing about this other error. In addition, several users are experiencing the problem after upgrading. This happens especially often while usingiWork , which comes for free with the new operating system. This may occur when you try to edit a document without completely out of it before giving the home button . One problem that interrupts the workflow for professionals who rely heavily on office applications for your iPhone daily.

Rumors indicate that some users might have received a replacement after sending the mobile service but many others prefer longer bear the blue screen of death on iPhone 5s. Although it seems that the problem is directly related to the applications , it is still impossible to draw a clear conclusion from the origin. Some affected have sought to restore your phone to factory settings but without much success . A possible workaround, and that seems to have some success, is to disable synchronization iCloud for Pages, Keynote and Numbers. This has been confirmed by only a few still but fortunately just follow a few simple steps to check if it works. To disable synchronization only have to go to Settings, iCloud section and there slide buttons Keynote, Pages and Numbers to turn off.

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