The solution to the problem of Sony PS4: disassemble the console really?

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Sony has released a solution to the HDMI connection PlayStation 4: remove the console. Really intended that the user do that?


Sony should be very proud of the launch of PlayStation 4, more than 1 million consoles sold in the first 24 hours should be great news for the Japanese company. However, the promising start has seen marred by problems that some users have reported with the HDMI output of the console. The famous Blue Light of Death that prevented boot console and HDMI output problems have generated a lot of noise (which has increased with the rumors of sabotage in the production line), a stir that Sony wants to tackle the issue a “solution the problem “ : remove the console .

Although the problem is estimated to affect only 0.4% of the manufactured consoles, noise being generated, and the impact it can have on sales, it is something that requires a solution. Thus it will be hard competition this holiday season, Sony could not afford the silence and had to react quickly, so have chosen to publish a “recipe” to be applied by users affected by this issue but, yes, Sony has looked to the diagnosis and solution .

According to the diagnosis offered by Sony, the origin of everything is a compatibility issue between the PS4 and television in which the console is connected, therefore, the first of the solutions through the TV manufacturer and recommend that users update the firmware of your SmartTV.


If this procedure does not result, Sony has released another possible solution to the problem, as a recipe, also hopes to resolve the incident but, yes, is not a “suitable for all audiences” solution:

  • After appearing the famous “blue light”, the user must turn off the console by holding down the power button.
  • Then the user must disconnect the power to the console.
  • Check that the AC-IN and HDMI connectors have nothing connected (and fully clear).
  • Remove the top shell of the console, locate the hard drive to disconnect and reconnect.
  • Reconnect everything.


Honestly, the recipe does not think it’s something that all users can continue and do not think that many would follow. Theoretically, when we open the console, put at risk the manufacturer’s warranty, so if the solution is to open the console and remove the hard drive, in my opinion, Sony should raise a more simple solution for users.

Sabotage or simply poor quality control of the product, the reality is that many users who purchased a PlayStation 4 and found an expensive gadget you might not enjoy. For such a resounding and anticipated release, the truth is that the cost image for Sony could be quite high and rivers are running virtual ink on both Amazon and other forums and blogs , a crisis communication fledged Sony should have managed much better.

Sony can and must do better. Shoddy and not solventan crisis communication Sony before it.

Yes, Sony has responded by publishing a solution but if the solution is to remove the console, honestly, I think they are walking down the wrong path . If it is a problem of firmware , for example, one expects to publish an rescue disk or an update but this they have done is the opposite that a user expects from his service.

What would we think of a manufacturer like Audi or BMW if, after a massive failure, we pidiesen desmontásemos ourselves that some components of the car? Obviously, a console is not a car but the solution that Sony has raised so coarse.

Sony must, and can, do better.

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