Two Spanish hack WhatsApp and demonstrate the insecurity of Service

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Pablo San Emeterio and Jaime Sanchez are two Spaniards looking to increase the security of WhatsApp. They have developed a software that adds an additional encryption and removes many of the vulnerabilities we know.


On many occasions we have spoken of little WhatsApp security , a service that continues to receive negative reviews before posing as weak encryption. Two Spaniards just got practically show this vulnerability and offer a possible solution to this important problem, which increasingly worried more users.

Anyone with a little time and effort can achieve
Among all the mobile messaging service, WhatsApp stands out as one of the most popular and more users assets. In turn, it is one of the most critical tools are presented by insecurity. In ALT1040 and we have told as ” anyone can read your conversations “using part of their time and putting a little effort.

As published in HojadeRouter , insecure WhatsApp is that it uses an old and common encryption (RC4). Also, the service uses the same password for your smartphone to servers and servers to your smartphone.Thus, anyone who is connected to the same Wi-Fi you could read your posts, which could also be achieved if you install some sort of malware on your device.

Operation hack

Because WhatsApp seems to have many intentions to fix it, Emeterio and San Pablo Jaime Sanchez decided to take responsibility. These two Spaniards are responsible for WhatsApp Privacy Guard is a program which will be available later this month for free and want to stop this type of vulnerabilities.

If you distrust a service, is not it better to stop using it and choose another safer?
With WhatsApp Privacy Guard, Paul and Jaime added a new encryption to your conversations . The person receiving the message will need to have the software installed and have previously agreed password. Otherwise, you can only see strange symbols. It is good news that some people bother to create tools that enable users greater security is taken, but also makes me think that if you distrust a service, is not it better to stop using it and choose another safer?

Today there are many instant messaging clients that offer greater security than WhatsApp, such as BBM . I guess many users prefer the convenience of the “already known” and where most of your contacts reside.This finding demonstrates something we already know and makes it to relocate on a scale: comfort and safety. The decision is of each. For those who want it all, just have to wait for it to officially launch WhatsApp Privacy Guard.

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