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Canary is a device out Indiegogo that provides users a way to control your home from anywhere in the world for very little money. Or rather, provide, because in principle not be available until July 2014 (May in the case of those who funded the project), but you can already book at his website . I mean, just in time for summer vacation next year.


When that date arrives, Canary will not replace traditional alarm system, but it will be pretty close and much cheaper. A unit used to control a house of 3 rooms and costs $ 199 (not counting shipping, of course). The application is free and the service too, although in the future there will be payment plans , for example, store information for longer.

Indeed, in some ways it is far ahead of other systems (at least on paper), as it offers additional functions .Do not be swayed by promotional videos, for all campaigns are attractive in appearance, but this project is something that gives hope: it is simple. And how easy it works. Of course, being a very cheap and offer an affordable alternative in the process of ‘digitization’ of home helps. Home automation, like it or not, is still far from the average user, it is too expensive. The houses are not smart, but you can get them to be gradually through these devices, much more, of course, that fridges with screens or with lamps that light from a tablet.

The proposal has no mystery: a device with all kinds of sensors that can be accessed at any time from a free app. Canary measures temperature, humidity and air quality. It also has HD camera, microphone, night vision, motion sensor and accelerometer. For power, it can even sound an alarm (though not alert the emergency services). If you lose your Internet connection is disconnected or notify the user that can see in the video moments before disconnection occurs to check for anything strange.


When something is wrong, the application notifies the user, who can see what happens at home. What’s more, Canary ‘learns’ over time, so the notifications are getting smarter. Its creators recall that traditional security systems emit false alarms in 99% of cases , and although statistics seem somewhat exaggerated, if this does not happen, it is the user who decides whether to alert the authorities.

However, it is not necessary to pass something to control the home, and this allows Canary serve, for example, to monitor children or pets from another room. You can configure the application to multiple devices (iOS and Android as well as a web version of the app), so security does not have to ‘fall’ only in a person. When one of these phones from home, the security system is automatically disabled.

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