Why RAM slots on motherboards have colors?

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Have you seen the RAM slots on motherboards? The newest colors are coming in pairs or interleaved. This is well placed for the user to know exactly where to place the memories and so remove the most benefit.

ram memory

If you’ve seen a motherboard recently you may have noticed that the slots for RAM have colors . Have you noticed and wondered what it means? Some already know, but for those who do not know what it is, people How To Geek has shared information about users through their forums.


Why some slots for RAM on motherboards have different colors? Some come with the same color next to each other and other colors are intercalated. I mean, let’s say the motherboard brings four slots for RAM, dual glued glued one side and two on the other. The colors may be distributed as follows (using random colors):

  • The first slot is yellow, the second well. Then the third is purple and the fourth is too.
  • The other way is that the first slot is yellow and the second dwelling, while the third is yellow and the fourth is purple.

This depends entirely on how they are set by the manufacturer.


The colors are a guide to how to use these slots technology dual channel or dual channel. This will increase computer performance and memory that will be accessed simultaneously to two modules simultaneously.That is, you must install a pair of identical memory in the same colors and then another couple in the color on.

Following the example of the two configurations above with yellow and purple, pairs of identical reports shall be placed where you are or where yellow is purple. Avoid installing one in yellow and one in purple, always the same color .

If the motherboard with which you work does not have these colors, possibly older, and in this case you have two options: either install the memories as you feel better go and see if they work well, or looking for the manual of this motherboard that will show how it should be placed cards.

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