Why SSDs are so expensive?

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When you want to upgrade your equipment purchase a SSD is one of the most efficient improvements you can choose. But there is a downside to this new type of technology. The price of SSD has always been a problem for those who want access to, but do not have a very flexible budget, what will be the cost? Why are expensive?

ssd hard drive

For the type of memory used

There is often a confusion of SSD flash memory is like any more than you can buy, but is not. Part of the price of SSD is that use a type of flash memory called NAND which has the feature that requires no electricity constantly to store data.

The problem is that NAND type memory has a short life expectancy too. In order to reduce the probability of failure manufacturers SSDs developed technologies as much as possible to extend the operating time of the components. This process is sophisticated and expensive .

Due to the complexity of its internal structure

The share of manufacturing is one of the most complicated also because the manufacturers of such hardware should manage to organize in a very small memory space, in addition to the driver and firmware.

To achieve complex structure which is compatible with computers available in the market and has no faults for future users must perform several tests of stability and compatibility, a process that also has a considerable cost.

By market rules


Hard drives ( HDD ) are comfortable controlling the market, but manufacturers are not interested in SSD remove this throne. In fact, manufacturers of hard drives and SSDs are the same. Develop a new technology with many advantages such as higher speed, lower power consumption and smaller size allows them to catalog their product at a higher price segment targeting consumers with purchasing power who is interested in buying the latest innovation available.

The fact that it is a new technology also means that demand is still low when compared with that of the HDD. Many people still do not know what a SSD or do not have complete confidence in them during the first years of life to cede the task of storing all your data.

The lower price of SSD

But there is good news: the price of SSDs will drop . In fact, this technology from birth to today significantly reduced the retail price. It is an irreversible trend and that is explained by several reasons:

  • Your level of demand will rise allowing manufacturers to invest more in modernizing their factories.
  • In turn, the increased demand will encourage more companies to sell SSD, increasing competition.
  • The most complex manufacturing processes will continue automating as the passing years.
  • The reliability of its components will be higher and the evidence against failures will be less necessary.

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